How Small Businesses can join the e commerce revolution

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September 13, 2015
Small BusinessesWhatever business you are in, it is very clear that consumers today are tech savvy and have a wealth of information at their finger tips. They have a host of tech gadgets at their disposal like smart phones for instant web access, shopping apps, bar code scanners and so many things that even when they are in your shop they may be comparing prices online. Like it or not the advantages of e Commerce are revolutionizing the way people shop. To stay in the race and competitive, you need to rethink and realize how customers shop and include the new e commerce platforms in your marketing mix. Here are some trends small and medium enterprises need to know to join the e commerce revolution.

Mobile is Everything

One of the most common sights today, probably in any busy area of the world, is the smart phone user. Smart phone penetration is reaching an all time high and at this point, retailers or small and medium enterprises , cannot afford to ignore it and not have a website that is mobile enabled. Surveys have revealed that among customers, a mobile friendly website would make them more inclined to purchase a product or utilize a service. There is every chance that they will go to a competitor if you are not visible online and most importantly on their smart phones.

Having Loyal Online Customers

Its a connected world today and there is nothing better for your business than to have a large and loyal customer following. If you go that extra mile to make the customer experience enjoyable and worth their time, they will not hesitate to spread the word online. Good service which you render to a customer and make them happy can be instantly communicated on the web and read by millions. Hence if you want to develop brand loyalty, you need to find ways to enhance the customer’s experience like free shipping, tracking the delivery online, friendly customer support online and not to forget the reward points .

Complete 360 Degree Customer Engagement

If you are a small or medium enterprise running an e commerce website, make sure that it is available and accessible across smart phones, tablets, laptops and also gives a saving option. If a customer leaves off using one gadget, they should be able to pick up where they left off on another device. The point is to keep the customer engaged in a 360 degree holistic approach with SMS messages, special deals, download able coupons – and actually employ the very technology they are using to engage them.

Personalizing the Customer experience

Just like in your shop where the assistant shows a variety of items similar to customer’s choice, you can make the web shopping experience personalized too. E Commerce sites like Amazon, display a range of items similar to the one you are checking out while browsing and it is the best way to expand the customer’s options for buying. Users will certainly appreciate the suggestions and perhaps make a purchase.

Entrepreneurial Learning

As customers and buyers become increasingly tech savvy and sophisticated in their buying methods and modes, it is essential for small and medium enterprises to design their marketing strategies to meet these high-tech needs. The use of technology to give customers more pleasurable, customer-centered shopping experiences, will give retailers the edge of staying ahead of the curve, and also keeping their customers happy at the same time.

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