Growing to be Worth a Billion Dollars

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September 17, 2016
Successful businessesSome of the most popular businesses today became overnight successes but that doesn’t mean that every billion-dollar company shot to fame suddenly and out of nowhere.

There are only a few blessed entrepreneurs who become worth a billion dollars and that comes only through hard work and motivation. There is no denying that many companies have become overnight successes but that doesn’t mean that a company growing slowly can’t reach that goal. As an executive, there are three things that you should always remember and strive for if you want to make your business reach that value.

Exit Must Not Be Your Driving Force

Take a leaf out of Snapchat’s book and don’t think about exit. Be motivated to achieve something bigger. Even Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg had turned down a great offer a few years ago. We all know of the heights he has reached. Therefore, saying no to a huge acquisition offer is not mad or crazy. It is completely okay and probably even smart if you know what you are doing and where you want to head.

It is Not Imperative that you Know All the Answers

None of us knows the answer to everything and that is actually great! Not knowing a few things keeps your ego in check and that is probably the reason why a little ignorance is always considered good. Sometimes it may cause you problems but that is where advanced technology comes into the picture. Today you can find answers to just about everything. When you take a hunch, you can immediately determine whether it was a smart move and, if it wasn’t, why not.

Also, there is no harm in accepting that you don’t know something or that you made a mistake. People appreciate honesty and acceptance more than anything else. Incorporate this into your company culture as well and you’ll have a winning team.

Don’t Overlook the Market

Every company has to adjust itself to the changes in the market. It is always better to be aware and to prepare for impending doom because lack of preparedness can lead to disaster. During bad times, you may also have to make tough decisions but you have to do it to keep your business going.

Always know where the market is headed.

Therefore, being prepared and working relentlessly towards your big goal can help you become a billion-dollar business.

Entrepreneurial Learning

Not every business that is huge today was an overnight success. Some businesses take one step after the ahead and eventually reach great heights. When you keep your head in the game and pursue your goal with persistence, adjusting to the various ups and downs in the market, you will reach that stage as well.

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