Find Out What is Hindering your Productivity

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June 10, 2016
ProductivityDoes your workplace have too many distractions?

You may not notice or realize it but the average workplace today has a few too many distractions. Employees easily get carried away and even though they work religiously, they don’t give in their hundred percent. Yes, it is quite difficult to enforce a workplace that is productive as well as collaborative and fun at the same time but it is important to eradicate distractions that hurt the productivity of your company.

Here is a list of things that you never thought would affect your productivity negatively:

The Office Itself

May be the reason why productivity is low is that the layout of your office is not employee friendly. The best layout for you will depend on the industry you belong to and your employees as well. For example, while men don’t mind working in the same cubicle, women don’t really like it. Young employees may like working in a newsroom but older ones will not prefer that. Identify your employees’ needs and change the layout accordingly.


Do you have a spectacular company culture that allows collaboration, fun, and conversation all the time? May be that is the reason why your company is not reaching its full potential. While such a company culture is indeed awesome, there is a need for quiet time. Every employee needs a quiet space to work. Your company needs to have such spaces.


Noise is irritating and distracting. Is your office noisy?

Discourage noise by asking all employees to connect through the internal communication system. GTalk and other tools may be used to communicate. There may be no shouting from one cubicle to the other because when that happens, the entire department gets distracted.


Most companies hold extremely long and unnecessary meetings. This wastes a lot of time, bores the employees, causes fatigue, and drops productivity at least for the day. Sudden meetings are worse. Employees get totally distracted and have a very tough time gaining their focus after the meeting.


Yes, you may be one reason behind lack of productivity as well. Employees majorly hate being micromanaged. There are barely any employees who said they can work properly with their boss hovering around them all the time and micromanaging them. This is because your presence can easily cause tension and unnecessary pressure. There is no need to micromanage your team. Help them only when they ask for it. Trust them.

Eliminate these distractions and the productivity will go up automatically.

Entrepreneurial Learning

You may inadvertently be hindering the growth of your company by hindering the productivity of your employees. Pay close attention to your workplace and the culture and find out where you are going wrong. Fix it before it is too late.

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