Excuses From The Bag of the Unproductive

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November 21, 2016
Startup business ideasUnproductive employees will always have excellent excuses to trick you. Sometimes you may fall victim to their excuses rather than see them for who they really are. To help you come up with good talent management strategies so that your startup business ideas are not affected, we conducted some research and came up with some of the most common excuses they make:

I Am Working Too Much

This is a very common excuse. Many employees say they are overworked without realizing that every single person is overworked. The difference is that productive people do not complain about having to work while unproductive people will moan about it to get out of work.

This Is Not What I Do

Unproductive people will be very quick to point out a part of the project that does not come under their job description while productive people will not even notice. Efficient employees will do all the work that you set for them with the same dedication because their aim is to get the project done. Unproductive employees will waste most of their time wailing about having to do something that “is not their job.” Some of them will even refuse to come up with good startup business ideas during meetings and seminars because they think it is not their job.

The Boss Hasn’t Told Me What To Do

In SME development, parasitic dependence on the boss is the worst. If an employee cannot take steps independently and needs you to say something before getting started, he is the wrong one. You should not have to micromanage or explain every small thing. That is not what talent management is about.

This Does Not Benefit Me

It is sad that there are a few too many selfish people in this world and some of them are likely in your workplace. Identify them when they ask you what’s in a project for them and show them the door. Productive people will make running a business easier for you by focusing on the greater good and not worrying about selfish benefits at every step. Those are the employees to cherish and retain.

I Am Worried I Will Fail

We all fear failure but only unproductive employees use that fear as an excuse to not even touch a new project! Such employees will hinder your growth because they will barely take up any projects due to this so-called fear that’s crippling them.

Retain employees who come up with new startup business ideas, work without complaining, and do not use stupid excuses to shy away from work.

Entrepreneurial Learning

You can barely identify unproductive employees during the hiring process but that doesn’t mean you continue with the same employees. You must identify them and get rid of them because they will stymie your business growth.

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