Don’t Dump Your Old Computers – Restore-Reuse or Recycle

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October 12, 2014
Computer recyclingIf you have been doing business for quite some time, you may have a storage room where your obsolete computers and other equipment are gathering dust. If you are planning to throw them away, wait, have a look at these options. It is important for you to know that there are better solutions available. In fact, ways of recycling computers abound and these are certainly easier options than dumping them in landfills, which creates an environmental hazard. You will also be creating more space in your office to store items which are more useful to you.

Computer Recycling- Know How

Many businesses have outdated computers that are out of demand. It is important for such companies to know that many components of the old computers can be reused. The glass from the old monitor, the metal housing, the plastic from the keyboards can all be recycled. But one should also be aware that there are toxic substances in parts of the computers like the lead and the cadmium. These environmental pollutants should not be allowed to make their way to landfills or into the the groundwater. It is good to know that there are several recycling companies which collect the electronic wastes; recover the useful materials from the wastes; and manufacture new products.

Reusing and Restoring Functional Computers

Before you decide to get rid of your old computer, its always good to check whether it can be upgraded. It may require a component upgrade to get it to good working condition. In many cases, if you add storage memory RAM and graphics capabilities, your old PC can be given a new lease of life. Even after upgrading, if you feel you need to use the latest stuff, you can donate the items to charity. Schools, community centers. Churches and non profit organizations will willingly accept and be happy to use your old equipment.

Being environmentally Responsible

When you opt for computer recycling , you need to understand that proper disposal of computers is about caring for the environment too. Computers as such have been categorized as hazardous waste because of the batteries. It is unfortunate that due to lack of awareness of the users, these machines are dumped into landfills. The cathode ray tubes have lead, the batteries have many heavy metals like cadmium and nickel and the motherboards contain chromium. All these end up adding toxic chemicals to the air , to the soil and groundwater. Recycling will diminish the burden on the environment

Entrepreneurial Learning

By recycling computers which are old or obsolete, or repairing them for reuse and donating them to charity, what you thought was wastes are no longer wastes. Old equipment are molded into new materials which can be used again. Above all the best part is, that in your own small way, you are helping in protecting the environment.

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