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December 13, 2016
Small Business SolutionsIt’s not a chance happening. Its a universal phenomenon. Seldom does a business owner agree with his IT professionals on the tech needs of the company. The business owner is ever on the watch to minimize the cost of technology and would prefer his team to run things smoothly, tightly in line with the budget. As the shrewd businessman he would not want to splurge on technology or business software till the business is up and humming, bringing in the money. Not unfair on his part.

Techs don’t see it that way

Tech professionals have a different world view. They place reliability of the technology above all else and don’t see the need save money on a technology process which is unreliable or which will need to be revamped in a few months. IT professionals want to see smooth streamlined functioning with no unforeseen crashes. Questions uppermost in their minds are What if something breaks? Will I be able to track the trouble and fix it? Do I have the wherewithal for proper back ups of key data? Will I be able to manage round the clock support effectively? These and many other doubts jostle in the the tech mind and cost comes as a second consideration to functionality.

There’s a lot on their mind- Including the Cloud

Technology has taken marathon leaps in the past decade. Nothing in the tech world remains constant. First it was the Cloud that burst on the horizon and now it the mobile revolution that is storming the globe. There are smart-phones, there are tablets and such high tech devices that are providing businesses with mobile access to key tech functions from almost anywhere to everywhere. All this happens through the Cloud. Business owners know this and expect small technological miracles from their IT team . As for the tech guys, they have to figure out a way to make all this work together. Friction is inevitable.

Online Security- Another Area of Contradiction

Business owners want the best security for their tech systems. Its another matter altogether that most of them have absolutely no clue as to how much it would cost. Nor do they understand the technicalities. Their aim is to have maximum security for their business on a macro level. To the IT team it is a gargantuan task. Security is their nightmare which often gives them sleepless nights. For them security is a major concern, even more than what the business owner can imagine. They have to think about securing intellectual property, keep track of all the people who have access and key passwords and simultaneously run all the latest updates to ward off the viruses. A battle in short. Controlling cloud access while managing the many services keeps even die hard IT professional on their toes. Stepping on them would be the wrong thing to do.

Entrepreneurial Learning

Business owners need to understand that no new app or cloud service is perfect, despite the big buzz about their proficiency and efficiency For best small business solutions, . taking your IT team into confidence, discussing the pros and cons and them moving in to adopt the technology would be good for your business, your budget and the peace of mind of your IT team.

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