Do Not Bombard The Candidate With Questions During The Interview. Do This Instead

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August 24, 2016
How to take an InterviewInterviews are mainly question-answer sessions. Wrong!

Of course, only when you ask questions you learn about the other person but that doesn’t mean you keep asking one question after the other and assessing the candidate quickly. Experts say that even though this seems like a great technique it is not very efficient. Granted that you barely have the time to be deliberate because you have plenty of job candidates to assess and then make your call but the hiring process is not something that you should go through in a rush. The hiring process needs your time, patience, and effort. Haste will only result in you hiring people who are not good enough for your company. Better safe than sorry because each employee will directly determine the success of your company.

Therefore, it is advisable that you actually take your time with each job candidate and listen to the answers he or she gives to your questions. Carefully listening, giving a short gap after each question, and then making a decision is a better idea. This is because when you listen slowly, you give the interviewee an opportunity to expound and explain him/herself better. You will be surprised with the course of events when you do this. While some candidates will simply start explaining their point so that you understand better, there are some others that will actually get carried away into a new dimension. Giving people the chance to explain themselves encourages them to open up and speak up. They will disclose more and you will know more about them, which is how you will be able to make a better decision.

In other words, your interviews will no more be question-answer sessions. They will turn into conversations. Conversations help both parties adjust and feel confident. Throwing questions one after the other can lead to panic and nervousness, which is why most job candidates don’t do their best in their interviews even though they are capable. Give everyone an equal chance to converse with you by slowly and carefully listening to them.

Having said all this, it is vital to not let the silence prolong. Extended silence usually leads to awkwardness, which can be very difficult to get rid of. Let them fill the silence with examples, illustrations, more explanation, what have they but once they stop and you know they have nothing more to add, you should take the charge and proceed.
Listening always bears fruit.

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Stop asking too many questions during interviews and concentrate on listening to the answers. Give job candidates enough time to not just give you the answers but also to explain themselves. That little space of time allows them to open up and let you know more.

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