Design For Yourself and Think About the Market

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November 10, 2015
Design ManagementPut yourself first.

Experts and experience people in the world of entrepreneurship have just one advice for startup founders: Design for yourself.

Surely, this raises numerous questions. You may wonder how your product or business will be successful if you think only about yourself and design accordingly. You may wonder how you will sell if the design caters to your preferences. Well, the co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak has something to say in this regard. He says that step number one is always to design according to your desires. How you roll it out to the public is the next step.

When he says that you should do it for yourself, he means that you should identify something that seems problematic to you. In your preferred niche or industry you may look at one or more weak points and then look at ways to solve the problem(s). It is a golden rule in entrepreneurship to address an existing problem or need of the target market because you have to be able to answer “why.” Your customers need a reason to make a purchase from you and you should be able to tell them that since your product solves a particular problem that many people have been facing, it would be a great idea to give it a shot. This approach is probably how many inventions were made.

Another benefit of designing for yourself is that you will really make yourself work hard to get your creative juices flowing. You will work extremely hard because you are doing it for yourself. As a result, the amount of dedication you put in will be more and the result will be spectacular. Once you have designed the product, you can concentrate on the second step, which is to research and find out your niche market. If you identified a problem you can be positive that there are many others facing the same problem. Your job now will be to reach out to them and to let them know that you have a solution.

Of course, keep in mind that a lot depends on how you pitch and sell. Many great ideas have gone down the drain because the creator was not able to pitch properly to prospective clients and investors. Be smart about it so that you don’t repeat the mistake. Come up with a comprehensive pitch that clearly explains why your product is worth their time.

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In order to really get creative, you need inspiration from inside. That will come only when you design your product for yourself before thinking about the audience. Think like a consumer and come up with an idea to solve a particular issue. Rolling that out to your target market would be step number 2.

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