Demonstration Trouble: Tips to Remedy the Problem

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March 21, 2016
DemonstrationTo hold onto your customers and your investors you have to work to impress them. A perfect demonstration is the key.

However, it is very easy to go wrong with a demonstration. When you go wrong like that you indirectly [or sometimes very directly] discourage the customers and investors to stay in a relationship with you or to build a relationship with you. You have to ensure that your demo hits the target because a miss can cost you investors and customers.

There is No ‘Ideal’ Demonstration

Every company will have different types of pitches. They will vary in length based on what you have to say. There is no rule that states that every pitch has to be ten minutes long or very elaborate. Your pitch should be compelling and nothing more than that. If you go on and on for long minutes your audience will lose interest very quickly.

Too Much Practice

Yes, there is indeed something called too much rehearsal. Too many coaches and too much time in the rehearsal room will drain you of energy. You won’t have anything left for the big day! Sleep well, rehearse enough to remember everything, and relax.

Wear Something Simple and Docile

Don’t try looking really fancy and don’t try looking extremely mundane either. Both ways, people will focus more on your dress than what you have to say and present. Your clothing should be simple and normal. You can show how fashionable you are some other day.

Some Templates are just Annoying

Say your story in your style. Don’t add templates every now and then of your teammates smiling and looking very happy with themselves. If you want your team to share the limelight you can introduce everyone later. During the demonstration you should focus on your pitch and nothing else.

Remember that investors will follow every move and it is generally good to include them in your demo, too, if they are willing. Each investor will like knowing who else is investing. Brand names also bring value.

Entrepreneurial Learning

Pitching can be tough if you rehearse too much, follow generic rules, and try too hard to impress through clothing. Be simple, relax, and tell your story. That is all that you need to do to deliver the perfect demonstration.

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