Deliver The Best Elevator Pitch Ever

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November 18, 2016
small business ideas in KenyaHaving excellent small business ideas in Kenya is only step number one. The next step is to convey those ideas to your customers through the perfect elevator pitch. This is where many people go wrong.

All marketing strategies for small businesses include an elevator pitch but there are not many business owners who get it right. The problem here is that startup founders usually confuse elevator pitches with sales pitches. A sales pitch is extremely formal. This is something you would present in a meeting or a conference. An elevator pitch is more on the casual side. It is something you would present over chat or over dinner. Presenting an elevator pitch is a smart way of converting a chat into an opportunity for your business.

Let’s take a closer look at an elevator pitch so that you understand how to deliver the best one ever:

A Brief About the Elevator Pitch

For excellent customer relationship management your elevator pitch must contain three main parts: the benefit, the USP, and the question. This means that through your pitch you must let your target customer know why your customer needs what you sell, why he should buy it from you and not from others, and how you can take it forward in case the customer is interested. Many startup business owners go wrong in the first part of the pitch itself and are not able to express their small business ideas in Kenya clearly.

Explaining the Benefit: The trick here is to concentrate not on the product for sale but only why you are selling the product. In other words, the customer wants to know why he should buy it and how it will fulfill his need/desire. Thus, instead of saying you sell XYZ, you should say that customers benefit in a particular way due to XYZ. That will have an instant impact.

Explaining the USP: Just like you, there are many others who sell these products. Why should the customer choose you? What is it that differentiates you from everyone else in your competition? This should also be your business growth strategy because unless you have an USP your customers will not have any reason to buy from you. The USP should be related to the product and not to you. People don’t care about you, honestly. So, if you tell them that you are extremely excited to serve them, they will think, “I don’t care about that.” Instead you should say that you have a patented ingredient or a process or something along these lines.

The Question: Do not try closing the sale then and there. Once you are through with your elevator pitch you should simply try to take things forward by meeting up formally. That will be when you discuss all your small business ideas in Kenya and your planned method of serving the customer. Immediately ask for a meeting!

Easy? You shouldn’t ever go wrong with an elevator pitch again, then!

Entrepreneurial Learning

An elevator pitch is different from a sales pitch, which is why your approach should be different for both. During an elevator pitch you simply need to let them know why they need you and why they should choose you over others. Do not try to close the sale right there!

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