Co-Working Spaces: The New Amazing Solution for Bootstrapped Startups

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November 7, 2015
Coworking SpacesOne of the major concerns for startups is finance. Money is hard to come by and investors are generally reluctant. That is why many startups are bootstrapped and cannot afford a workplace of their own. Working at home seems quite a feasible option at the start but it comes with major pitfalls such as distractions and lack of discipline. That is the reason why people are looking for a middle ground: the co-working space.

A co-working space, as the name suggests, is mid-way between home and separate office. You basically work in the company of others like you, who cannot afford their own offices. While they run their company, you run yours until you are financially stable enough to rent/purchase your own office. Besides saving a lot of money, you have many more reasons to consider co-working such as the ones that follow:


In the world of business, networking is extremely important. This is the reason why many people frequent meet-ups and networking events. When you start using a co-working space, this need will be eliminated because you will be working with people of various fields everyday.

Potential Clients

One of the biggest advantages for bootstrapped startups with co-working spaces is that they can meet potential clients without working too hard. Finding clients in the initial stages can prove to be taxing but when you work together with startup founders of different industries, this will become easier for you. You may even find potential partners and companies to tie up with in the process.


At home you can be extremely comfortable and probably even work while cooking. However, you really cannot set up meetings with clients at home. This is one of the major disadvantages of working from the comforts of your house. However, in a co-working space you can use a separate place for meeting your clients while bootstrapping your business!


Meeting with people of so many different dimensions enables you to learn a lot. You will learn about the industry, you will learn scopes, you will get together for seminars and events, and you will be able to come up with excellent growth strategies with ease.

Free of Guilt

Finally, you will not see the need to keep buying coffee just so people don’t frown upon you for working for hours together. Also, you won’t have to feel guilty about answering a call and disturbing others.

Co-working spaces come with numerous benefits, which is why they are excellent for the bootstrapped.

Entrepreneurial Learning

It is time to move out of your house and the coffee shop. It is time to move into an office space. If you are bootstrapped, you can check co-working spaces for maximum benefits because you can, not just save money but also grow your network and meet potential clients.

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