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November 10, 2016
Business Leadership SkillsThere are some people that we are drawn to instantly. We are sure it happened to you as well. There is someone in your life that everyone notices when he walks in. What is it about him? It is his presence.

Forget entrepreneurship ideas, forget finance management, and forget business strategy for a moment. Think about your business leadership skills and tell us whether you have ever been able to make your presence felt without having to say anything. Keep in mind that drawing attention is not about raising your voice so everyone hears you. People with a personal presence are attractive even without opening their mouth. They have a positive air to them. You can see that positivity in the way they walk, they way they carry themselves, and in the way they stay truthful. Sometimes, creating your presence is just about listening intently without interrupting. When you create such presence, people will be more open to your entrepreneurship ideas and what you have to say.

Let’s take a look at how we can achieve this:

Think of How You Run Your Business

Running a business is hard work but are you making it more tedious with your negativity or are you looking at each day as a great one and enjoying the challenges coming your way? Ask yourself whether you are energetic about the start of a new day at work or are you working just for the sake of it? You will be able to answer this clearly when you take a closer look at how you meet people. Do you really connect with them when they talk or do you think about something else during the meeting, with lots of buzz in your mind?
If you really connect with the people you meet, they’ll feel good when they leave. That will help you plant the seed to establish your presence.

Grow Your Network

How are your relationships in your workplace? Do people like you? Are there people who are willing to support you? Do people value your presence or is it that you talk to people only when you are in need?

Stay In The Present

Live each moment with presence of mind. Do not allow your mind to wander when someone is sharing entrepreneurship ideas or any other information with you. Be mindful.


Identify what gets you going and what has the opposite effect on you. Using this information, power each day so that you start working with energy and positivity.

All these steps together will enable you to come into the good books of people. Soon, people will look forward to being with you. Soon, you will make your presence felt with ease.

Entrepreneurial Learning

People will be interested in your entrepreneurship ideas only if they like you. In order to do that, you must bring and spread positive energy. Live in the moment, listen to what people are saying, and be energetic at work.

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