Bootstrapped? You can Still Grow Fast!

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March 9, 2016
InvestmentBootstrapped and ‘growth’ don’t usually go together in business because growth in business usually needs investment.

It may be difficult but you should know that it is not impossible to grow fast even though you are bootstrapped. You just need to be smart through your bootstrapping days and take some steps to grow without the help of outside vendors.


Start selling! That is the only way to get some revenue. Set up meetings and make important calls. Work relentlessly to make some sales so that you get going. Even small sales and only a couple of sales are enough to give you a head start. With the money you earn you can hire employees and continue selling, increasing your output gradually.


How about give and take with a business or two? Barter system can work wonders for your company even though it does not bring you cash. It will help you establish yourself. It will help you grow because you will have work inflow in return of work. When you don’t have any cash at all this is the best way to get going. You should offer your services for something in return. This will build value and value is very important.


Get a loan if possible. Banks are really helpful today and they will help you get started in your business. If your bank balance is zero you practically can’t expect to grow. Therefore, you should turn to other options such as loans, credit lines, and so on. Research thoroughly and pick a way that is feasible for you.

These may just be three methods of growing even while bootstrapping but there are more, too. Think about similar ways to get through without money and you will do just fine.

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Many people are under the impression that bootstrapped companies can’t grow. The truth is that they can grow, and they can grow fast. There are ways such as financing, bartering, and selling to get off the mark even without money in the bank.

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