Body Language – Indicating the Way to Better Deals and Beyond

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December 15, 2016
Running a BusinessLanding that important deal may be crucial for your start-up. But are you equipped with the right skills to seal the deal. The art of negotiation is something you need to develop if you are running a business. Whether or not you are able to success will hinge on your ability to understand the other person’s interests, study the body language, guess the reasons for disagreeing and yet be able to persuade the opposite party to go through with the deal. Here are some pointers that can help you clinch deals

Know when its Negotiable or Not

If you have even a little intuition, it will go a long way in staying on par or even one step ahead in the negotiation. There are many indicators which show you whether a point is negotiable or whether you have reached an impasse. The best way to sound your depth, is to ask leading questions, the verbal probe and watch out for the reaction. Is it resistance? Study the body language too. A stubborn lower jaw, a subtle protruding lower lip, or even worse an arms crossed position, and you can conjecture that there is little likelihood of making any headway in that direction. Back out.

Look out for Doubt

In a negotiation, while you are proposing the deal, keep a close watch for any signs of doubt. To be a master negotiator, one must learn to spot the signs of distrust in your plan or plain disbelief in your proposal. Warning signals of this doubting of your credibility will be the rubbing of eyes, a well accepted and sure sign that you are either lacking confidence in speaking or not putting your plan across in a trustworthy manner. So be aware of the eye rubs. Whenever you come across this body language, stop and ask for a comment on your proposition. Clearing doubts that arise may eventually lead to a deal agreement.

Be Observant. Don’t Over talk

In the enthusiasm to explain your part of the deal, there is a tendency to talk too much. This is not wrong but it may not do good to continue in the same vein. You will come across the ear tug gesture, from the other party and that’s where to stop. Its almost a universally accepted body language sign to say that the hearer wants to make an interjection, wants to voice an opinion or suggestion. At this point, its best to pause and listen.

Recognize Acceptance

After much negotiation you spot that conclusion is in sight. A stroking of the chin signals contemplation and a sign of acceptance is a perhaps a swallowing gesture, an unconscious licking of the lips or placing a pen, cigar, eyeglass or finger in the mouth. These have been accepted as universal signs of desire to accept in any given business negotiation. The subconscious does not lie and learning to these indicators will take you way ahead in closing deals.

Entrepreneurial Learning

Deal-making ability is a necessary skill to reap the benefits of strategic partnerships and take your business forward. Along with your verbal communication skills, knowing about body language indicators will get you better equipped to seal the deal. It will enable to read beyond the words and gauge a person’s feeling – definitely an advantage in any negotiation.

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