Want To Become a Millionaire By Age 30? DON’T Do These 10 Things

How to become a millionaire in Kenya
Set your sights high, roll-up your sleeves to conquer the world (Image Courtesy:

You have big dreams – you want to own that large car, build that magnificent home or start a successful business venture by the time you reach 30. Well, you know what, our fathers and elder brothers too had such dreams, but for one reason or another they did not (and probably still haven’t) achieve them.

So, where did they go wrong and how can you avoid taking the path they took? Kuza Biashara has identified 10 things that you need to avoid if you want to keep your financial engine revolving at whiz speed.

#1: Don’t keep your money laying somewhere; invest it

Do you know what happens to the money you keep lying idle in some savings account? To tell you the truth – wise entrepreneurs borrow it (inform of loans) and invest it in high-yield projects. This way, they make millions out of sweat while you remain poor, struggling to pay your monthly bills. Tip: Starting today don’t save just for the sake of it, rather save to invest.

Don't hide your money under your mattress, invest it

Don’t hide your money under the mattress, invest it

#2: Don’t be a show off person

Don’t rush into buying luxurious cars and phones just to show off to your friends or family. In fact, avoid living a luxurious life until your businesses and investments start producing multiple secure flows of income. Tip: Be known for your work ethic, not the luxurious items you own.

#3: Don’t think like a “Sufferer”

If you surround yourself with the middle-class (or “sufferers” as we all like to call them) then chances are that you’ll hold yourself to the limits and ideas of that group. Eventually you’ll become just that – “a sufferer”.

If you want to join the millionaires club, you need to start hanging out with the millionaires today. You need to start thinking, walking and working like a millionaire. Tip: Get your own personal millionaire mentor and study them.

#4: Don’t do all the hard work, let your money work for you

Instead of saving say Ksh20,000 every month and waiting for 50 months to accumulate your first million, why not invest in small ventures that will be bringing you extra income at the end of the month? Think of a small business that requires Ksh 30,000 or less to start.

Such a business could end up bringing you some Ksh10,000 at the end of every month meaning you’ll be in a position to save Ksh20,000+Ksh10,000 and this way you’ll achieve your goals much faster. Tip: By getting your money to do the heavy lifting for you, you can avoid the rat race and cut to the chase.

#5: Don’t aim for Ksh1 million, aim for Ksh10 million

Aim for the stars, don’t settle for small goals. Even if you miss the stars you might just fall on the moon and you’ll still have a reason to smile and celebrate. We encourage you to target beyond Ksh1million.

There is no shortage of money in this part of the world, only a shortage of people to think big enough. Tip: Set your sights high, roll-up your sleeves and get working towards a Ksh10 Million target.

#6: Don’t get into marital commitments or court cases etc.

This tip might sound a bit controversial to some, but in reality, it has the power to determine if you’ll join the millionaires club or not. Think of it this way; if you have less commitments in life you’ll easily be able to focus 100% of your efforts on expanding your business or developing your career.

Compare that with another middle-aged person who has four children, a home loan, a car loan and dozens of court cases care for. In short, right now, with no children or loans to worry about, you are like a Ferrari car on a starting line ready to storm your way to the millionaires club. Tip: Don’t ruin your potential by getting into commitments that only serve to ruin your stamina.

Legal cases can prevent you from achieving your dreams

Legal tussles can prevent you from achieving your dreams

#7: Don’t fear taking risks

Since you’re just starting out, chances are that you don’t have lots of assets or cash lose in any case. Now, compare that with people who have taken the risk to invest in high-end malls despite threats from terrorists, and yet they have everything to lose! What we’re trying to say here is that with little assets, you should be taking more risks.

This is just the perfect time to invest in that lucrative share on the Nairobi Stock Exchange, take that new job opportunity, start that revolution and so on. Tip: If you don’t take risks while you are still young, then you certainly aren’t going to take them when you hit 35.

#8: Don’t be lazy, work without tiring

As the old saying goes, hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard. Right now, you have tremendous amounts of energy today. And you know what? Money does not know about clocks, holidays or excuses, and you shouldn’t either.

Work hard, son! While others close shop at 7p.m, keep working for two or three more hours to make that extra sale. Tip: Never try to be the luckiest person; just make sure you work harder and smarter than everyone and luck will follow you all the way.  

#9: Don’t give excuses or lay blame on other people

Most of us, youths that is, like complaining. “Oh, the government should do this…”, “Oh, there are no loans available”, “Oh, tafadhali serikali, naomba…”. Well brothers and sisters, you can either choose to spend your time complaining why the world isn’t fair, or you can do something about your life.

If you’re reading this article, chances are high that you have access to clean water, high-speed internet, some education and shelter. Yet there are millions of people who are starving to death across the world. Tip: If your stomach is full right now, and you have some skills – what’s your excuse for not succeeding?

Blames in Kenya

Don’t play the blame game or make lame excuses.

#10: Don’t hide behind someone else’s shadow

This isn’t the time to hide behind your relatives’ or employer’s shadow. Rather, it is time to start working on brand “John Juma” (replace with your name). If you’ve always dreamt of starting say “Mary Juma Group of Companies”, this is the time to wake up and actualize that dream.  Tip: As we like putting it here in KB, “It’s your time to roar”

Follow these 10 commandments and you will get rich. Avoid pyramid schemes; be honest in all your dealings and most importantly – KEEP IT KUZA BIASHARA.

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