Sad and desperate expression of a man who is scared to catch the coronavirus.

There are many times that man faces challenges but none can compare to the pandemic that is coronavirus. The fear of not knowing what awaits you. Will you get infected at some point? If you do, will you recover? Will you be immune after recovering or will you develop permanent complications due to the virus? All these are questions that linger on people’s minds on top of other factors influenced by the presence of the virus in the world. The novel covid19 being a new virus means there is so much that we don’t know and we continue learning with time. Time many may not have at this moment.

Be informed

Governments and WHO have given all the information they have on Covid19 in an effort to create awareness on the virus. One can only protect themselves if they are armed with information. Knowing how it is spread, measures you can take to prevent the spread and what actions to take when you suspect you may have been infected are some of the important aspects that everyone needs to be familiar with.

Take care of your mental health

What are you doing about your mental status? This pandemic may just reveal to you that you are not mentally strong as you thought, That is ok, the first step is by acknowledging the feelings you experience, fear anxiety, paranoia, etc. and work towards getting yourself into a better mental space. How can you do that? Avoid watching any COVID-19 related news. Most of the important information about it you already know so don’t follow up on how many more have been infected and how many are dead. It will only serve to give you anxiety. Remember that before Covid19 there were other illnesses like the flu, malaria and even the common cold so don’t panic every time you sneeze or get a headache.

Follow directives

The good news about this virus is that you can determine if you get it or not! People are advised to stay at home, practice social distancing, frequently wash hands and wear a mask when visiting supermarkets. If you follow these directives it is highly likely that you will remain safe and as a nation, we may be able to flatten the curve. Though it is easier said than done, we have to make the right choice to stay safe.

Be a quick thinker

The effects of the pandemic on the economy could be catastrophic. Most employees have had to take pay cuts and others losing their jobs altogether. This is not a time to panic but rather look for viable solutions. Plan what you can do with the resources you have. Have a sewing machine in the house that you rarely use? How about you make and sell face masks. Work with what you have and don’t despair.

Final word

It is dusk before its dawn so brace yourself for a bumpy ride. Take solace in knowing there have been virus outbreaks in history that all came to pass and so shall the COVID 19. Do everything within your power to stay safe and this too you shall read about in the history books.

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