Why C-grade Students Beat A-grade Students In Life

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Why "Average" Students Make Better Entrepreneurs

We are here to inform you, that if you rely on intelligence alone, your luck will be extremely limited. There is more to life than just the grades you got in high school or college. Most of the successful individuals in the world today were actually not at the top of their class. Despite this, they learnt to embody the phrase: “There is more to life than academic grades!”

Beyond classroom grades

Indeed, we are compelled to argue that it is always not those who pass with the best grades who always attain a prosperous lifestyle. Rather, it is those who have the ability to combine their intelligence with some entrepreneurial skills who make it in life.

Consider Steve Jobs (founded the Apple Company) and Bill Gates (founded Microsoft Corp.) who are highly successful today yet had difficulties studying for an undergraduate degree. Picture Richard Branson who found it extremely difficult to grasp classroom lectures past the age of 16 yet he is currently valued at a whopping $4.2 billion worth.

Forget about those old theories for a minute

These facts contradict the old, boring theory that it is those with the most academic prowess who sail through life with ease. Indeed, there appears to be no direct correlation between excellence in class and excellence in life.

Perhaps this old quote is true “School is a place where former A students teach B students to work for C students.”

In this video, Mr. Sriram Bharatam, Founder and Chief Mentor of Kuza Biashara gives clear reasons “Why not-so-good students make good entrepreneurs.”

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