10 Important Rules for Living a Successful Life

How to succeed in Kenya

Everyone of us wants to be successful – but how comes only a few seem to make it in life? Well, as it turns out, successful people have certain natural advantages that give them an edge over the rest of human kind. These traits or qualities are nothing out of the ordinary, but without them, your dream of success will remain just that – a dream.

1.PERSIST when others quit

In order to be successful you must be willing to be a little more persistent than the rest. Be persistent in your studies, negotiations and everything else you do. Keep knocking and the door shall be opened for you.

2.SET GOALS while others drift

Goal setting is an essential ingredient of success. Without clear milestones in life, it tends to be difficult to gain direction. Without direction in life it is pretty easy to be swayed side-ways by distractions. So identify your milestones, and stay focused so you don’t drift where others fail.

3.BELIEVE when others doubt

Opportunities come dressed in rags and most people are doubtful of their potential at first sight. However, successful people are quick to identify and believe in hidden potential. They know that time wasted doubting could be put into better use by doing a feasibility study.

4.BEGIN while others procrastinate

Successful people begin the race unlike the rest of us who remain stuck at the starting point even after time to start the race comes. If you want to fail, keep postponing what should have been done today for tomorrow. If you want to succeed, roll up your sleeves and get on the move.

5.LISTEN while others talk

Be quick to listen and slow to talk. This way, you’ll stand to gain more value than you actually lose. Successful people are mostly listeners – for it is only by listening that you can learn new things. Most ordinary people are however “talkers”, they only seek to have their opinions and complaints heard.

6.SMILE while others scowl

A positive attitude is what keeps successful people smiling even when the worst things happen. In every failure, they don’t see doom like the rest of us – instead, they are quick to spot an opportunity to start a fresh and explore new territories with a smile.

7.ANALYZE when others criticize

Most people are quick to criticize issues – “Oh, the government”, “Oh, the weather”, “Oh, electricity.” Successful people on the other hand are quick to analyze the facts of the matter. Interestingly, by analyzing the create more opportunities to venture into while those who criticize only end up creating more problems that given them sleepless nights.

8.FOCUS when others are aimless

Aimless people waste too much energy on irrelevant things and for this reason their power is easily drained along the way. Focused people on the other hand are able to put their little energy to good use and this keeps them going much longer and more efficiently. Be focused, be successful!

9.BE BOLD when others fear

Boldness is the tail-wind of success. It’s therefore not a surprise that most successful are incredibly bold especially when it comes to traversing across treacherous territories. Failures on the other hand are quick to fear – often they make statements like “Oh, that’s too difficult…”, “Oh, that’s too tiring…” and so forth.

10.SAVE When others spend

The most important secret of successful people is that they save when the rest of us spend greedily. For this reason, they always find capital to start new business and to experiment with new ideas. Heavy spenders, on the other hand try to be successful by spending more seeking to get instant gains. In the end, they end up spending on the savers who put their money in innovations and new business concepts.

For as long us these 10 rules exist, the successful ones will continue being successful and the not-so-successful ones will continue complaining. So make the wise choice today.

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“Photo Credit: Sammy Griner, the baby in the Success Kid meme, is now eight. ”

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