Gaining confidence


Until I reached the place I didn’t realize it would take courage for a budding journalist even to do things that are normally expected of them.
Monday morning soon after we checked into our new office in Parklands, Anil told us we had to go cover the IACO annual meet. Well, it would just be a couple of interviews.

It was an international meet with delegates from several foreign countries. They’d all come together to discuss the status of the coffee industry in Africa & network with delegates from countries like Brazil where the industry is doing very well.

We reached in good time & set up the camera for video interviews. Anil asked me to take charge of still photos. Me & clicking pictures? That too at an international meet? I was scared of going up to the very front but with some prodding & encouragement from Anil I gathered courage. I stood up & calculated the whole place & went to the very front and started clicking away.

I have been to conferences before but just as a participant and never as a journalist. The experience was amazing and next time I will even be better off and I will not need anybody to prod me next time around. I think it’s never easy… the first time of everything. At times we need a helping hand to lead us and show us the way. Once we’ve been started off it gets all so easy. I’m not the shy type of person. I believe in myself & every time I look back I feel better and at times it’s all that counts.

Claimed another victory when I managed to explain to a delegate Andrew Mathenge why we were there. The chairman of a certain coffee farm near to Nairobi readily agreed & off I was running to Shiro & Anil to pass on the good news to her!

My takeaways from the day:
  • Be confident about your work.
  • Learnt how to hold the microphone for an interview.
  • Don’t click pictures when a video interview is on. The flash spoils the video.

One of these days, I believe that with some help from Joe, I’ll be able to go out & cover an event all by myself. And that’s the day I can’t wait for.

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Winnie Kibichu is a communications major with experience in print and electronic media. She studied at the East African School of Media Studies and loves to conduct interviews. Her interests include photography and blogging. She is hard working and has a passion to empower, grow and change the media industry.