Kuza Biashara Blog Nominated For The BAKE 2016 Best Corporate Blog Award

Kuza Biashara Best Corporate Blog

For the last few years, the Kuza Biashara Blog team has dedicated its time in researching and sharing the best content with you; our bonafide readers. It has been a long journey and we’ve been truly inspired by the kind of support you’ve accorded us. From the minutes (or hours) you spend on this site reading your favourite articles everyday to the love you share with us on social media, we would like to say a big thank you.

The big news of the day is that Kuza Biashara Blog has been nominated by the Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) as the Best Corporate Blog in Kenya 2016. In order to achieve this feat, we had to beat over 4,800 other blogs at the submission phase. Right now, we are at the voting phase, and we have been picked among the Top 5 and that is why we are coming back to you requesting for your vote.

We believe that nothing is too big or too small for us to accomplish as long as we marshal up the spirit of camaraderie and forge forward. In other words, your vote, my vote and the other person’s vote are the ingredients needed to bring this award home.

It takes less than 20 seconds to vote. You only need to CLICK HERE, fill in your details, scroll down to the BEST CORPORATE BLOG and select Scroll further down and click on the Submit Button. As simple as that!

Remember, you can share this link with your friends so that they can also get an opportunity to cast their votes.

One more thing…time is really running out fast so be sure to vote right away. Thank you and all the best in everything you do.

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