Different beads for making women's jewelry.Bright colored beads
Different beads for making women's jewelry.Bright colored beads

The Corona Pandemic has literally brought things to a standstill. Life has changed drastically with many people working from home and some businesses such as restaurants having to close down. There is no need to panic especially if you run a business, adapt to ways that will see you stay in business. If you lost your income generator one way or another there is no need to panic. Take a step back think things through and figure out what else you can do to put food on your table. One such business is making Jewelry from Beads

Raw Materials

Take advantage of the daylight to source for the beads. One of the places you can find beads include River Road in Nairobi. As you travel around sourcing for these beads remember about the curfew and make sure to be done in time. You wouldn’t want to create another problem when trying to solve one problem. Identify beads depending on the designs you intend to make. It’s better to have a variety of beads that way you are able to make a variety of jewelry. 


Do your research and find out what kind of jewelry is trending. The fashion industry is dynamic and you wouldn’t want to spend hours working on a product that doesn’t sell. If you are a creative person great if not don’t panic there are fashion magazines and the internet, you don’t have to steal other peoples designs but you can get inspirations from there to work on your own designs.


The capital you need here will not be so much because what you need more importantly is the skil and the creativity. 

Beads——————–ksh. 1000

Strings ———————ksh 400

Small Pliers——————–ksh. 200

Other accessories——Ksh. 600

These will make you about 50 Necklaces if you sell each necklace at ksh. 300 that is a profit of Ksh. 12800


If there is one thing that stands out in the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic it’s the people’s presence online. Now more than ever people are online trying to get information out there since they are not able to go outside. Use this opportunity to post your product online. Be consistent in your post giving as much details as possible such as the price the design, mode of payment etc. Have a plan in place for delivering the jewelry to clients.

Final Word

People may be under quarantine but that does not mean that they have stopped living. For some, buying something such as jewelry is what they exactly need as it signifies hope, hope that all this shall pass and they will get to wear that piece of jewelry and it will remind them of a very difficult time that they survived. So go on try jewelry business and let us know how it goes.

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About Kuza Biashara

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