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5 Ways to Make More Money from the comfort of Your Couch

6 Ways to Make More Money from the comfort of Your Couch
6 Ways to Make More Money from the comfort of Your Couch

Are you employed/in entrepreneurship but still desire to make extra income?

You do not necessarily need to venture into a time consuming side hustle, there are other options you can consider that have the potential to make you extra money without you breaking a sweat. Through these options, your money brings you income without your day to day involvement.

This article explores 5 options that will provide you with ways to make extra income.

1. Fixed Deposit Savings Account

Opening a savings account might sound boring and even cliché but it is one of the safest and less risky ways to grow your money through interest.

Some local banks offer attractive interest rates of 6 – 8% and limit the number of withdrawals which keeps you discipline through your savings.

Saving is a great way to have your cash grow while still looking to settle on an investment option.


Having shares at a company is basically acquiring ownership of a section of a public limited company and this gives you some shareholder rights including earning dividends.

However, to make the most of shares, you need to make wise choices on which shares to invest in. The best way to do this is by seeking advice from licensed brokers in Kenya who will guide you through how to invest in shares of companies in the Nairobi Stock Exchange.

Here are the basics of how shares work;

  1. The whole goal is to buy a share at a low price then sell them at a higher price and make a profit or wait to get dividends from companies.
  2. Open an account with any licensed brokers who will buy shares for you.
  3. The minimum shares you can buy is Ksh. 100 but you can build on this amount overtime
  4. After few years you may be shocked at how your money has grown.

3. Real Estate

One of the most profitable investment options in Kenya is real estate. Land is a very scarce and valuable resource and that makes it a worthy investment. All you have to do is buy land at various places especially in the outskirts of major towns then sell after a year or so and you may get 100% returns depending on how fast the neighboring town grows.

Better still, you can consider building rental houses especially if you are in the outskirts of a densely populated town. This assures you of a regular income whether you are in a job or not.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Do you have a blog/website? This is an area where you can make a lot of money while relaxing on your couch. The way affiliate marketing works is, you include affiliate links within an article or anywhere in your blog and you will earn a commission once a customer is referred to an e commerce site through your blog and makes a purchase.

The more purchases made through your website/blog, the more commission you get.

Most e commerce sites have an affiliate program that you can tap into. The most popular sites you should consider are Kilimall and Jumia.

5. Unit Trusts

A unit trust is an investment where unit holders/members invest through a pool of savings and put it under a fund manager who invests the funds on behalf of the unit holders.

Fund managers make daily decisions in regards to investments in line with the specific objectives of the fund so your only responsibility is to remit your funds and wait for your monthly report.

Interest rates of unit trust investments can range between 9% to 22% per month which is way above the interest rates from fixed savings deposit accounts.

There are different types of Unit Trusts that focus on different areas of investment;

  1. Money Market Fund – These funds provide access to money market securities such as bank deposits and treasury bills.
  2. Bond/Fixed income Funds – Provides access to bonds.
  3. Equity Funds – Provides access to the stock market.

In Kenya, Old Mutual, Britam and CIC are the best companies to purchase unit trusts from.

Final Word

If you do not have the time to set up and manage your business but still want to make extra cash, you can consider the five ideas above until you settle down on one investment option. However, remember to conduct your own personal research, analyzing the pros and cons of each investment option before making your decision. Start small and invest consistently until you become a pro.


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