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5 Creative Side Hustles to Make You Extra Cash

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Image Courtesy Freepik

There are millions of ways to make money and one great way to make extra cash is through side hustles. The great thing about side hustles is there are options for everyone and your financial status is not a barrier since you don’t need to raise capital.

So instead of limiting yourself, why not step out of your comfort zone and try out these ideas?

1. Running Errands

Running Errands is a great side hustle since it solves a particular problem for both businesses and individuals. Every second, there is someone who is busy and needs help delivering something from one point to another within their environs.

This is where errand runners come in handy. The main benefit of the errands business is it’s flexible especially if you do not have a full-time job and have extra time in your day. However, to make it as an errands runner, you need to always deliver and build trust among your clients so that you get recommendations. You can charge any amount from Ksh. 200 for every errand based on the transport, the item and your service fee.

Here is a success story from George Kamau who is building his empire one errand at a time;

2. Private Tutor

August, April and December are the perfect months to start a private tutor hustle in Kenya. If you are a teacher or you have a genuine love for children, this hustle will be perfect for you. The main benefit of being a private tutor is its flexible and you can make extra cash while still maintaining your job.

It is advisable to start with your neighbourhood, build solid relationships there before reaching out to some parents. You shouldn’t also limit yourself to school subjects. If you are talented in other areas such as instruments or sports, you can offer to train the children on this as well for a fee.

Private tutors normally charge per hour or per subject and the price can range from Ksh. 500 to Ksh. 1000.

3. Vlogging/Youtuber

Vlogging is one of those sides hustles that with patience and working smart can eventually make you good money. It’s never too late to start a youtube channel especially because it’s one of the booming platforms for content creators around the world.

However, before starting a youtube channel, here are some critical questions to ask yourself;
What will your videos talk about?
Who is your target audience and why should they listen to you?
How often will you be posting?
What aesthetics will you need to incorporate to make your video more appealing?
What equipment will you need? Camera? Tripod?

To be a successful YouTuber/vlogger, start small, be authentic and with time, you will build your brand and can approach companies that you can work with. If you are an expert at something, for example, make-up and beauty, you can eventually organize or take part in events where people pay to come to learn from you.

4. Writing

Writing is a great way to make extra cash especially because it is flexible and you can work it within your schedule with ease and it’s not physically engaging. All you need is space, a laptop and internet. There are a lot of freelance opportunities online through sites like Kuhustle and Upwork.

You can also start a blog and once it picks up, you can consider affiliate links in your site where you earn a commission every time someone clicks on the link and makes a purchase.
To learn more about writing opportunities you can consider for a side hustle, read our previous article, 15 ways to make money out of writing.

5. Leverage on your talents

Do you have a talent that is so unique to you or something that you do really well? It might be as simple as cooking, sewing or even singing. When looking for a side hustle, this is a perfect place to start. The best thing is you get to do what you love while making extra money out of it and it’s flexible enough to balance with your current job.

Besides talent, if you have any cool skills like negotiating, networking, etc., identify it and figure out how you can make extra cash out of it.

Final Word
Do you have a side hustle? What is it and how do you balance it out with your job? Let us know in the comment section below.

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