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Being a writer can very easily lead you into the path of entrepreneurship if you take your craft seriously. The beauty about writing is that you can take writing jobs as a side hustle and make extra cash or work at it full time. So if you have great writing skills and wish to make money off it, here are some ideas that could be perfect for you.

1. Freelance Blogger

Do you have a laptop? Fast internet? Dedication? And a love for writing? Then you’re all set to make money as a freelance blogger. There are numerous blogs out there that require services off freelance contributors at a fee. You can start of by signing up on freelance platforms like, and

2. Social Media Manager

Most small businesses have warmed up to social media because it’s free and an effective marketing strategy to reach clients. However, not all business owners are familiar with the management of different social media platforms so opportunities for social media managers are limitless. If you are a creative soul and can write short intriguing posts with a bit of graphic design skills, you can as well make money off it.

3. Short Stories Writer

Everyone loves reading a good story whether it’s fiction or a journal of real life experiences. My personal favorites are Mwalimu Andrew and Lizzy’s World on Daily Nation. If you have been writing stories and probably just stashing them away in your drawer, it might be time to consider fine tuning and making extra cash out of it. Start off by pitching your content to local dailies and magazines and you might just be the next favorite columnist.

4. Marketing Consultant

Marketing is a major part of every business. Even the smallest businesses have basic marketing strategies which makes consultancy in marketing a viable business idea. You have to be extremely creative though and be in touch with what customers/clients want to see or hear. With skills in creating catchy content for different communication channels and ads for marketing campaigns, you are good to go.

5. Translator

Are you fluent in one or two international languages? If not, you could consider learning an extra language especially if you are quick at picking up new languages. Translating documents is an expensive business and you can make on average Ksh. 30, 000 per page depending on the document type and target language. It’s certainly an opportunity you should consider.

6. Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is one of the latest e-commerce trends and a quick way to make extra cash. If you have your own blog, affiliate marketing is something you should consider. All you need to do is add affiliate links within an article or anywhere in your blog and you can earn a commission once a customer is referred to an e-commerce website through your blog and they make a purchase. If this is a field you would like to explore, this article by our guest blogger has more details.

7. Researcher

Are you passionate about market research, surveys and analysis? As part of their growth strategies, most organizations conduct market research so as to know how exactly their products/services are doing in the market and which areas to improve on. With great research and writing skills especially in writing surveys, drafting questionnaires, gathering data and writing reports this is an opportunity you can tap into.

8. Song Writer

Song writing is a lucrative industry that pays quite well especially if you break through. The opportunities for song writing are not limited to writing for established singers, you can also write songs for adverts, T.V shows and movies. Song writers make money from royalties based on how well a song does.

9. Teach

Have you been writing for a while now? Do you have a number of published articles? Or you probably have authored a book or two. There are quite a number of upcoming writers out there seeking for opportunities to grow in their skills and you could be that inspiration for them. You can consider offering themed workshops on writing at a fee.

10. Grant Writer

Are you passionate about humanitarian work and social entrepreneurship? Many NGO’s and social enterprises are always looking out for funding through grants and proposals. If this is your area of interest, grant writing is a field you can consider.

11. Script Writer

Since the Communications Authority enforced the 40% rule on local content by all local T.V stations, the demand for script writing has also increased. With a background in film production, a passion for creating content and some connections in the film industry, you can try your hand at script writing. This is not just limited to local TV programs but also plays.

12. Speech Writer

Speech writing is a lucrative business especially if you break through to writing speeches for top corporate gurus and politicians. You can start small by writing speeches for your local politicians and your close friends in the corporate world then grow from there.

13. Ghost Writer

With ghost writing, writers are hired to produce content but the credit goes to the person who hired them. Most of the content produced by ghost writers are autobiographies, memoirs, magazine articles and scripts.

14. Business Plan Writer

There are quite a number of people out there with great business ideas but they need help putting their ideas into a working plan as their first step in implementing their ideas into action. If you have the skills, you can help such entrepreneurs draft a business plan at a fee.

15. E-Book Writer

If you are an expert at something or if there are topics you have wide experience and knowledge in, you can create an e-book on the topic and sell it online on platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publish, Lulu and Blurb.

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