10 Rituals That Kenya’s Most Successful People Perform Before You Wake Up

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It is Wednesday morning, the alarm goes off, you turn it off, get up and walk out of the room. You take a quick shower and in a matter of seconds you’re on your way out of the house ready to face the day. But wait a minute? Have you taken the time to prepare your body, soul and mind for the tough day ahead?

Successful people have discovered the power hidden in the golden moments of the morning hours. Instead of jumping out of the bed and rushing to their places of work like most of us do, they spend at least 30 minutes performing certain rituals…here is a quick overview of 10 things that successful people do early in the morning…done by Kuza Biashara.

10.They write down their achievements

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Appreciating the little achievements, you’ve made this far is a great way to center yourself and get the right perspective before heading to the office. Take a few minutes in the morning to write down the achievements you’re grateful for.

9.Spend some minutes minding about family matters

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Photo Published with permission from Walter Akolo’s family. Walter’s wife, Janet passed on to entire glory in Feb 2015. Kuza takes this opportunity to pass condolences to the hard-working entrepreneur.

Mornings are the perfect time to invest in family time – wake up early, get your little ones dressed, make the bed and have a small chat with your spouse before getting out for the day.

8.Big-picture thinking

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Planning is a vital ingredient to keep you on track every step of the way. Most successful people use the morning to do big-picture thinking – and this enables them to adopt the right pace for the day ahead.

7.Follow up on creative projects

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A good number of successful people wake up early just to follow up on personal projects that require top-notch creativity. Some wake up early to write poems, blogs, spend time with their pets and so forth.

6.Check emails and respond to urgent matters

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You may not have enough time to go through all your emails early in the morning. But it certainly would be good if you spend a couple of minutes scanning your inbox for urgent emails that need an immediate response.

5.Catch up with the latest headlines

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Whether it is reading the newspaper or checking Twitter and blogs from your phone, it is always important to catch up with the latest headlines. A good number of successful people read the newspaper on their way to work.

4.Take healthy breakfast

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it provides you with the energy to take on the day ahead. Successful people always start the day by eating a proper meal.

3.Tackle small tasks that require complex thinking

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The quiet hours of the morning provide just the right environment for you to focus on important work without being interrupted. Successful people often wake up early to solve one or two complex matters of life and business.

2.They exercise

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Your body needs a fresh dose of oxygen every morning. And the best way to get this much-needed dose is by exercising the first thing in the morning.

1.They pray and meditate

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Before heading out the door, many successful entrepreneurs devote themselves to a routine spiritual practice such as prayer or meditation to center themselves for the rush of the day.

Of course, this is by no means an exhaustive list of things successful people do before breakfast…we would really appreciate of you keep adding to this list via the comment box below.

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