10 Mistakes You Will (most likely) Make as a First Time Entrepreneur

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Mistakes are inevitable, and experience, as the wise men once said, is the best teacher. As an entrepreneur (or an innovator who is looking to invest in a dream idea), you are highly likely to commit many mistakes.

Some of these mistakes might  seem small today but their cumulative weight might prove too costly to bear in the long-run.

How To Avoid Start-Up Mistakes

It is a worrying fact that only 20% of businesses live to see their second birthday after inauguration. Worse still only 4% of companies survive beyond 10 years after inauguration.

The good thing however, is that you can predict the major causes behind the collapse of most SMEs and therefore minimize the chances of failure in the first place.

Kuza Biashara’s founder and chief mentor Mr. Sriram Bharatam (just call him Sri) has been researching extensively on the following two questions: “What are the most common mistakes that first-time SME owners make?” and “How can these mistakes be avoided”.

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In this video, Sri identifies some “10 Mistakes You Will (most likely) Make as a First Time Entrepreneur”. Most importantly, he teaches you how to avoid them.

Enjoy watching and don’t forget to share this article so that your friends can benefit from it as well. Best wishes in your new venture!


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