Best Tips for Balancing Socializing and Marketing on Social Media

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December 4, 2016
Social Media Marketing StrategiesEverybody is using the Social Media and its not just for personal and casual interactions. Twitter and Facebook and many other social platforms are prime zones for social media marketing of your product or service. But where is the subtle divide? How do you sound both professional and personal at the same time? The best way is to blend the two. Here are some well thought out tips to achieve balance.

Introduce yourself as the face of a line of business

Put forth your views as professional representing a line of business. Gradually let the audience know your role as an entrepreneur who is involved in running a business. Your expert views, your status will be readily accepted along with your credibility as a person worth knowing. Talk about things that concern your business but also share things that revolve around advice and insights into your industry. You can also extend interactions beyond the business level and give followers a deeper look into who you are. Too personal again, is not advisable.

Talk Sense. Avoid the Nonsense

When using social media as a professional, posting banalities out of context are definitely out of question. Share updates that reveal character, knowledge and says something (even remotely) about your business. Rather than saying “ Relaxing on the lawn” – “Relaxing after finishing that tough project report ” would be more in context. Don’t be boring. Provide information that provokes thinking.

Avoid the Sales Pitch- It Puts People Off

Social sharing is more about building relationships. Its definitely not a means of direct marketing. So modulate your tone to sound friendly rather than sales like. Showcase your expertise, bring in your personality, share your product knowledge and wait and watch for the inquiries to come in.

Don’t be too intimate or specific.

If you are trying to market a product on social media, you have a fine line to tread. Social platforms are made for social interaction, so at any given time, more personal information is revealed than intended. Try personalizing your brand rather than getting personal. Mentioning the weather may be something affects the community at large, but mentioning intimate details is far off mark. Present your point of view as a personality. Nothing more or less.

Engage personally- Automating may backfire

Social networks are for social contacts. For friendships, relationships and pleasant interaction. Mechanizing the process with auto follow and auto tweet, can do more harm than good. They may seriously damage your credibility and it defeats the purpose of social networking in the first place. Always opt for true engagement.

Entrepreneurial Learning

You can achieve balance and get a great following by using social media marketing strategies that are professional and personalized, but never intimate or too specific. Share and post contextual and relevant messages that inform and impress but don’t impinge on privacy. Be social, be positive. It may bring in more business than imagined.

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