Best Smartphones for Business Today

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May 27, 2013
Smart phonesSmartphones are everywhere, aren’t they?

Smartphones have become a part and parcel of life. They are something you just can’t do without. They are an absolute necessity for businessmen because they help you stay in constant touch with your business even when you are away from office. Your phone probably also contains very important information about your business. Can you afford losing it? Absolutely not.

Your smartphones is a miniature version of who you are. Just about everything important to you is stored in your phone including some important information about your business. We can never rule out the possibility of losing our cell phones now, can we? What will happen if you lose your cell phone? Someone else will be able to access important information and probably even use it against you! That can be a big blow to your work.

What should you do then? You should invest in a secure smartphone. Oh, don’t worry. Technology is on our side. There are many secure smartphones out there. The top three have been expounded here:

Samsung Galaxy S4

Recently released, this phone from Samsung has a number of features that you’ll love. The main feature that will attract you is, however, Knox. The Knox feature in this 4.6-ounce smartphone powered by Android provides top-notch security. Through this, all your work data will be safe and secure. You can take the help of your IT staff to use the Samsung for Enterprise service, which is free. Using this service, you can remotely wipe off all the data and also add a very strong password in order to unlock the screen. The best option to unlock screen is the face detection option. Go for it and no one will be able to unlock your phone except you.

Amazing, isn’t it?


HTC One also offers face detection to unlock the screen along with pattern requirements. You can go to settings in order to encrypt all your data if you wish to. Just like many smartphones today, the phone has front-facing and rear-facing cameras. The processor is superb. Want more good news? Its battery life is amazing: eighteen hours!

BlackBerry Z10

This one had a lot of hype surrounding it prior to its launch. Did it deliver? From the security point of view, surely.

The security feature offered by this new model from BlackBerry is highly sophisticated. The phone allows you to keep your personal data and professional data separate. That is a super cool feature! Also, you can’t paste any work email data into your personal account. There are other such features too. These let you keep both areas separate and secure at all times.

The talk time offered by this phone is about ten hours. The apps it offers by default include Dropbox and LinkedIn.

Choose the one that suits your requirements!

Entrepreneurial Learning

There are many smartphones out there for you to choose. The best one for you is the one that secures your work data so that even if your phone is lost, you don’t have to worry about someone stealing important and confidential information. Right now, the top smartphones in the market are Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, and BlackBerry Z10.

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