Being An Assertive Leader

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October 29, 2016
AssertivenessAssertiveness is a fine quality and every leader should possess it.

Being assertive is a very strong leadership trait and calibrating it will enable you to reach greater heights in the entrepreneurial world. Before learning how to leverage it you should understand what your personal style is, first. No two individuals are the same and when we talk about assertiveness we can divide people into two categories: the hard ones and the soft ones. The hard ones are those who are influential. They have decision-making skills and are highly focused on tasks. They are also quite hard to approach. The soft ones are calm and more approachable. When you know which style you belong to you’ll be able to make it better automatically.

One more thing that you should keep in mind is that it is very important to understand how you interact with people around you. At times you can be yourself but at other times you have to mold yourself to motivate your employees.

Listed below are a few tips to help you out:

Act According To How Your Employees Are

Employees who are self-driven need to always realize that you are in the driving seat while other employees need you to be more friendly and understanding. Know what type of employees you have and act accordingly.

Do Not Be Aggressive

Being decisive and task oriented does not mean you shout at the top of your voice and be extremely aggressive.

Do Not Be Too Amiable

Being too amiable is just as bad as being too aggressive. If you are always approachable and don’t ever confront your employees you will come across as non-influential. No one will actually take you seriously.

Mold Yourself

Learn how to act differently in different situations. This may take time but it is very important because all situations are not the same. Every situation comes with its own challenges and you have to be prepared to make the best out of each.

Lastly, be genuine. Don’t fake anything. You will be successful.

Entrepreneurial Learning

You have to be assertive but that doesn’t mean you be either too soft or too strong. Understand your employees and the situation, and then mold yourself accordingly. Before that, understand yourself and discover your style. Molding will be much easier when you know where you already stand.

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