Be Nice – It Will Pay You Handsomely

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October 17, 2016
Be niceWe don’t need a reason to be nice but if you are looking for one, you should know that being nice comes with plenty of rewards.

Of course you are nice to your clients and your focus is always on your potential clients but that is not what we are talking about here. You are nice to your clients and potential clients for a reason – your business depends on them directly or indirectly. Ask yourself whether you are always nice to your employees. Ask yourself whether you are nice to strangers for no reason. Most of you will say no.

Being nice is important because it brings happiness and you can ask experts about this, they will tell you that happiness is crucial for each and every business. When you start your day with a smile, when you do something nice for someone on the street, when you greet your employees positively, it brings happiness. Your employees will be happy to work for you and that will increase their productivity. You will be content and happier, which means you will have a better outlook of life and business, and you will be more productive as well. Happiness helps you relax and look at things in new light. When you are stressed and pressurized, you are generally stuck at one idea or one problem. When you are relax and happy, you automatically find better ways because the brain works much better when there is happiness in their air and within.

Thus, it is advisable that you drop your strict exterior and start smiling more often. Do small, good deeds especially for your employees and you will be paid tremendously in the form of dedication and hard work from their end. Happy workplaces are generally more productive because of the aforementioned reasons. Being nice also makes you more approachable, which means that in case there is a problem or a query that is bothering an employee, he or she will open up to you instead of worrying about your reaction and never sharing it with you. Only those who are nice and are able to handle difficult situations positively are deemed approachable and easier to blend with.

The best part about being nice? It only pays. It does not cost you anything.

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We must always strive to be nice not mainly for others but for ourselves. Being nice brings contentment, happiness, and positivity, which are very important to survive in this tough world. Do something good for someone today; a small thank you note can also make a big difference.

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