Be Human Even While Using Technology

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November 20, 2015
E-commerce TechnologyEverything has gone virtual today including shopping. Are we losing the much-revered human touch?

In the world of e-commerce, nothing is forgiven. A slow site can discourage a number of users from ever buying from your site while improper positioning of price and other details can cause frustration. This means that you have to take care of the simplest things on e-commerce in order to make a mark. One of the most important things here is the human touch. People go to stores to purchase various items in order to get personal service, advice, and other guidance so that they make the perfect choice. Online, you shouldn’t make your customers feel like they are on their own, buying from robots. It is your duty to make their experience as human as possible so that they feel connected to you and come back for more. Times are tough and competitive, and even seemingly simple things like these can cause your enterprise to fail.

Send A Personalized Note

A personal note – just a thank you with a smiley face will cast a lasting impression on your customers. Of course, you don’t need to do that on every order but doing it for everyone new customer is ideal. Also, every time someone makes a big purchase you can send a gift and probably also go ahead and send them a coupon for a discount or a free item. Even a small freebie will have an impact.

Make Friends

Whether it is to solve a problem or to clear a doubt, live chat is quick, easy, and very reliable. Give this duty to one or a few of your employees and have them chat casually but effectively with customers when needed. For example, if someone wants to enquire about delivery time you can clear the doubt and then follow up with updates. You may also have the employee send a personalized note thanking the customer for the patience he/she showed. This builds friendship and the customer will be at ease when he/she makes a purchase from you the next time around.


Every customer has different needs and sending the same offer to everyone will not help you because it may not be relevant to a major part of your customers. Your customers will feel disconnected. They will be under the impression that you don’t care enough to come up with offers that actually benefit them. In other words, you will come across as a robot. This is why it is advised that you segment your users and send in offers, articles, and updates that are relevant to them.

Thus, it is the simple extra step that you take to connect with your customers that makes you the winner.

Entrepreneurial Learning

Being robotic and simply delivering the orders will only take you so far in e-commerce. Of course it is a virtual platform but you are required to give the human touch in every way possible in order to win over your customers.

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