Be a Humorous Leader

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September 22, 2016
Happiness in the workplaceMaking people laugh and keeping things cheerful is a powerful leadership quality.

When you are working, there is a need to be serious. That doesn’t mean you forget how to laugh altogether. At the workplace, it so happens more often than not, that things get too serious. As the leader, encourage laughter in the office so that the office transforms into a fun place that is also highly productive. Sharing happiness through a laugh or two will actually help your company. Laughter by no means is a distraction.

Here are ideas of incorporating laughter:

Use it to Motivate and Energize

When your team members are down and out, highly exhausted, and dull, it is time to lighten the atmosphere by cracking a joke or two. Make them smile and they will feel better and alert.

Make it Memorable

You can actually use humor to teach someone something or to ensure that someone doesn’t forget what you said. For example, if you want your team to remember a few important details about a particular task or upcoming event, you should use humor to convey those details. Laughter will make them memorable.

Eliminate Discomfort and Awkwardness

Bad reviews, complaints, and mistakes . . . These can really put you off as the boss. However, don’t forget that the person responsible is human and no human is perfect. Errors in judgment are common. Don’t jump down the person’s throat right away. Start with a joke; keep it light. When you do that, the person in front of you will actually want to listen to you and not get too defensive. Then, in a firm voice you can speak about the mistake. Doing so will help you put the point across while encouraging the person to do better.

Use it to Calm People Down

If you see tension and anger flaring from two ends, cut through it with humor. When someone is in a bad mood, laughter distracts him or her. This enables people to relax and give a thought to what is going on. After a while you can start the topic again in a calm, gentle, and happy tone.

Bond With your Team Members

You may be the boss but that doesn’t mean you can’t gel with your employees. Bond with them over jokes and happiness so that the entire team is comfortable with you and vice versa. When there is happiness, there is automatic motivation to do things better. Bonding will also help you strengthen ties.

Smiling and spreading cheer cost nothing help you feel great!

Entrepreneurial Learning

Increase the productivity of your business by creating a happy, cheerful atmosphere. Don’t keep things serious all the time. Make happiness a part of your company culture so that everyone smiles and works with motivation.

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