Are you Really Protected Against Internet Security Threats?

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December 30, 2016
Internet Security ThreatsThe internet is rife with people on the prowl, just as in real life and if we unfortunately happen to be the target of an attack, the security of your systems stands threatened. You may have installed an anti virus, software, bust that is simply not enough

Take Heed

If you are partnering with outside sources to maintain the security of your systems like technical firewalls, outsourced services , or cloud solutions, it would be better to take a good hard look at how much coverage is being offered. It would be foolish to assume that the web hosting provider is taking care of the security of a website and remain complacent. Security software costs money and your web hosting provider may not be able to scan your website for malware and vulnerabilities at the low monthly fees you pay.

Beware of sneak attacks

Sad but true, it is the legitimate sites that are infiltrated by malware and distribute it online. Sneak attacks are when the cyber criminal scans the internet for vulnerabilities in the web applications and introduces bits of inconspicuous code into the server of the site and this begins to infect all users to visit the site. It is small businesses which are unfortunately the favored targets of internet criminals. This is because more often than not, these sites do not have proper internet security or their internet security software has not been updated. Be up to date and secure.

Don’t Use So many Apps

They are attractive, they seem useful, but most free apps that come with PCs are superfluous and to add to the confusion there are the plug-ins, shareware and the add-ons. The more apps you have the more the chances for hackers to find channels of attack. If there is any software you do not need, just get rid of it. Make sure that the remaining software is up to date.

Protect Online Transactions

If your business needs to conduct frequent online financial transactions, it would be better to think like a bank and dedicate a highly protected PC or net-book, exclusively for the purpose of online banking transactions. It makes doubly sure that you are protected and almost as safe as a bank.

Secure your Data

If you are using Cloud services for back up of data, it is a best practice to encrypt sensitive data and back it up. Cloud services store copies of your date at several location and generally they are very reliable and able to ward off hacking attempts.

Look before you click

Internet security like any other security issues, depend a lot on how careful you are to begin with. When checking email, browsing through Facebook or even checking search results, keep your eyes wide open, exercise your common sense and do not click on anything which appears suspicious.

Entrepreneurial Learning

Internet security, the use of internet security software, cannot be ignored in this day and age. If you wish to have a trouble free, hacker proof system , it is best prepare yourself adequately with the right internet security tools the ward off internet security threats . Prevention is always better than cure.

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