Are you Ready to Be an Entrepreneur? Find Out!

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September 13, 2016
How to be an entrepreneurDo you have your ideas clear in your head? Are you all set to execute and enter the world of entrepreneurship? Wait.

Before going for it, ask yourself whether you are fit to be an entrepreneur. Not everyone has entrepreneurial skills and not everyone can successfully run a business. Can you? If any of the following seem to ring a bell for you, you may understand that probably starting up is not the right path for you.

You need ‘Me’ Time Everyday

Starting up requires you to forget yourself for a while at least. Starting a business comes with many challenges, the first being letting go off your ‘me’ time. Forget about Facebook friends and random Tweets for a while now. Whenever you are free, focus your mind on how to establish your business and be successful. Will you be able to do that?

You Don’t Do Everything Yourself

Say you already have a housekeeper who takes care of the house and you have someone to turn to when something goes wrong with the printer or computer. You may also have someone to clean and pick up trash but if you are not among those who would voluntary to do any of these things, you can’t be a successful entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs need to be able to do anything and everything by themselves. As the founder, you will wear each and every possible hat. If you can’t do things by yourself, you shouldn’t start by yourself either.

You Want a Fancy Office

If you plan on spending lots of time decorating your office you should stop right there. Of course you want a big fancy office but this is not the time for it. You are going to be a startup and funds will not come easily to you. The last thing you should do with your funds is to spend on something that doesn’t benefit your customers or target customers. Are you willing to accept that?

You Want Something ‘New’

Some people want new things to stay motivated. A new laptop is not enough. They want a new smartphone. A new smartphone is not enough. They want a new tablet. The list goes on and on. If you think that you’ll work better if you have new things, you are going wrong.

As an entrepreneur, you will even struggle to have the necessities. Luxuries and ‘wants’ are far off. Can you sacrifice?

Think about it. Are you able to relate with any of these scenarios? If yes, you shouldn’t startup immediately.

Entrepreneurial Learning

Before going ahead with your dream of being an entrepreneur, ask yourself whether you are eligible. If you are among those who need a fancy office and fancy new things to stay motivated or if you need to spend some personal time for yourself each day, entrepreneurship is probably not for you.

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