Are you Missing Out on Your Hidden Buyers- The Online Shoppers ?

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November 2, 2016
Online MarketingGoogle it … is what half the world does when they want to make a purchase. When making planned purchases – anything from electronics, garments to jewelry, buyers go for Googling options, search social networks, read online reviews around on professional networking sites. Are you missing out on these hidden customers. Do you have a plan in place to tap this ever expanding segment of online marketing?

Remember this. Just as you search online … your customers will be doing the same too and today they have more information at their fingertips than ever before. So be careful and cognizant about the information you put out there, on your website, your blog, your Facebook Page. Your customers will most likely do a scout before they approach. So are you prepared to face these hidden customers?

Keep an eye out on social Media.

One way to know if people are looking for your product online is to monitor product relevant keywords on social media marketing platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and even sites like Focus or Quora. You can monitor your search with keywords as well as mention of competitors, and there are a number of free and paid tools which will can do this job for you, Google Alerts is already an old hand at this. Newcomers worth checking are HootSuite, MarketMeSuite, NetNewsWire, TweetDesk, Topsy and Social Mention.

Win with your Content

There’ s no running away from it. Competition is always there. The best way is to get your prospect’s attention by giving them solutions for their problems with well thought out content. The content you publish on the web, acts as your positioning statement and whether or not you are to be trusted depends on the positivity and honesty of your feedback. Be careful not to be paradoxical in what you say and what you actually do. In the world wide web customers don’t remain silent. Unhappy customers complain vociferously.

Align your Teams

Make sure your marketing and sales teams are working in tandem coordinating marketing and sales skills. Sales content like price comparisons with the competition are best done in consultation with the marketing team and at times, marketing can pitch in with product demo and personal sales calls. When handling hidden buyers, the line between marketing and sales run very thin.

Entrepreneurial Learning

Gear up online and try to track your hidden customers. Its key to customer relationship management. There’s every chance that with the many tools and social networks and search engines, you can actually turn many a casual browser into a buyer.

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