Are Bad Habits Preventing Your Business Forward Flow

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December 14, 2016
Running a BusinessWell said by a peer, “You’ve got to get you personal act together, before you can be a good team player” . Our habits, good or bad, may seem rather simple, but you have no idea how powerful they can be in affecting your life and your business growth.

Look Inward- Check your Habits

If you are an entrepreneur, running a business your success is inextricably linked with what kind of habits you have developed and how they affect the people around you. Habits are those behaviors we adopt subconsciously and which become part of our personality. At time we are not even aware of them and fail to realize that they may be disrupting to our business and even our personal lives.

Discard the Bad- Develop the Good

Do you have the habit of seeking to talk first and then pretending to listen? Do you ignore voice mails and don’t organize your work day. These may seem to be small things but they may be the very things that are pulling you back. They are actions which we really don’t think about. But once we gain awareness of them, they can be modified and adjusted. To be able to reach your full potential, you must regularly examine these habits. To do this you have to connect your actions with the outcome. Are they a deterrent to your business ? If the answer is a yes, that habit has no place in your persona.

Create a List Daily Habits

Now you are on a mission to do a task which to some may seem well nigh impossible. You are trying to identify bad habits and perhaps change your behavior. To begin, make a note of how many actions you can, which you execute automatically, with no thought process involved. Do you sleep in late and promise yourself to make it up later? Do you tend to put aside important tasks and complete the easy-to-accomplish mundane office tasks first? Do you take uncalled for breaks just when the task is almost finished ? No harm in these, but no gain either. You’ll stay put where you are or probably slide a notch lower.

Use Your Will power

You need to strengthen your resolve to get rid of bad habits. Though it will take time and practice, catch yourself when you are engaging in negative routine behavior. Stop the action immediately and take action to reverse it or change the direction. You run a business so you will know how to analyze the situation and take on a forward moving trajectory. By using this action step response you will become conscious of negative actions and take the necessary remedial steps.

Think of the Benefits

If you are able to change a bad habit successfully and garner the confidence and courage to readjust your mindset, you can reward yourself for any small success that comes your way because of the change of routine. Reinforce the gains and if there are any set backs, forgive them. Be patient, be steadfast, it is you who will benefit.

Entrepreneurial Learning

As with any business venture, there will be an initial time of resistance as you adjust to your new habits. If old habits were eroding your business, look forward to the benefits of developing positive ones. It will improve your health, your business and your productivity.

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