Ann kamau

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February 4, 2013

Anne Wambui Kamau, chief executive officer of Synad Signage, is a young lady who is passionate about bringing business ideas and dreams into business. She is a student at Strathmore university pursuing her Bachelor of commerce course.

Miss Wambui is a Certified Public Accountant and has a diploma in business information technology from the same institution.

Synad Signage which started it operations in January 2012 provides an unique advertising media to targeted demographics and hence delivers better marketing results at very economical prices.

Being a fairly young company in advertising, the company managed to catch the eyes of the judges in “The Chase Bank Enablis ILO Business Plan Competition 2011″ where they won the Youngest Entrepreneurs Award.

The company was also given the award for coming out with the most unique idea under the Media and Marketing category and being the youngest winners of the competition.

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