Ace The Skype Interview In Simple Steps

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November 26, 2016
Startup Business IdeasThese days, with technology overtaking us from every direction, the need to meet up for an interview has become obsolete. You can sit within the comforts of your home and get connected to your clients and potential partners with ease. In fact, you can even share your startup business ideas with investors and loop them in without having to meet them. This has been made possible by one of the best small business solutions today: Skype.

Skype is a free audio calling, video calling, chatting, and group calling portal that has changed the way we take interviews and connect with our clients. This excellent small business management software has also made it easier for small businesses to connect to parties across the globe, which was extremely difficult beforehand. Today, whether your target partner or investor or client resides in the same country as you or is a foreigner, you can connect with him and gain a face-to-face experience like no other.

Make Sure The Internet Is Quick

Video streaming requires considerable bandwidth and unless you have fast Internet, playing 3-4 applications at the same time is a bad idea. Thus, if your Internet connection is slow, it is ideal to shut out everything and concentrate only on the video. Doing so will also save you the frustration of disconnection, voice problems, video freezing, and so on.

Create A Professional Username

As soon as you get startup business ideas you should shun away glamdoll235 and rockstar1242 IDs and create a highly professional one with your full name. If you have quite a common name, you may add a number or an underscore. A lame username will tick the other person off immediately and he will already have second thoughts about building a relationship with you.

Test Your Microphone and Web Cam

Before the call, make sure all the equipment is working fine. It would be plain embarrassing to find out that your microphone doesn’t work or that your web cam is giving you problems after the call starts. Plus, you won’t be driving profitability towards yourself after showcasing such carelessness.

Dress Up

It may be a Skype call but it is still a meeting. You will see each other and it is recommended that you dress up neatly in your formals. Do not wear your old, faded t-shirt and shorts. Wear something formal or at least semi-formal so that you look neat and tidy.

Face The Camera

While talking to the other party, make sure you look at the camera. Looking at the person/screen might give the impression that you are looking somewhere else.

Skype definitely has to be in your business startup tool kit because it is highly beneficial. For big conferences, you may buy a membership, which is affordable and loaded with additional features!

What are your tips to acing a Skype interview? Share with us!

Entrepreneurial Learning

Skype is a blessing for small businesses owners who want to share their startup business ideas with potential clients and partners but fail to do so because they are geographically hindered. Skype bridges this gap beautifully and is a must-use for all SMEs.

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