Ace A Presentation In A Few Simple Steps

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October 18, 2016
PresentationsPresentations are imperative for all entrepreneurs. It is your job to make each of your presentations memorable and impactful.

You can use your presentations to influence a great number of people including VCs, customers, employees, business partners, and the media. It is a shame that many entrepreneurs are generally very bad presenters. They wasted their time and everyone else’s with anecdotes that are not worth sharing or with stories and fillers. This may be out of nervousness or because they think people want to hear their stories. Regardless, it is time to make changes.

Here are steps you should remember while preparing for a presentation:

Be Energetic

Remember that a presentation is neither a speech nor a lecture. It is a presentation. You are talking to a group of people and you have to project confidence. Show energy, show some interest, show the listeners why you are worth their time. Speak quickly if that is your characteristic but be clear even when you talk quickly. At times, pause and emphasize to make an impact on the important points. Don’t lose your energy until the very end.

Understand Your Audience

You should have a thorough understanding of whom you are addressing. You can’t create a template and use it for everyone. You have to tailor your presentation and your speaking skills based on the audience and what they are looking for. If there are more speakers, know what they are going to speak of as well. That will help you further.

Follow Simplicity

No one – absolutely no one – likes complexity. People don’t have the time or the patience to ponder on things. Whatever you say must be simple to understand and remember. Complex stuff may catch attention but it brings frustration along with. Also, people won’t be able to understand what you are saying if you try using jargon. Your presentation has to be simplified.

Use Graphics

Again, it is a presentation and a presentation includes more than just text. It is highly advisable that you add graphics such as images to your presentation because people will not want to read from the presentation. Use points and images to make your presentation attractive.


Practice will help increase your confidence. It will also help you correct mistakes in your speaking and in your presentation. Therefore, you will walk onto the stage with an informed and prepared mind. A prepared mind is generally less nervous. You could always ask your friends or family to listen to you and judge you critically as well.

Be positive and relevant, and there is no reason why you won’t leave a good impression!

Entrepreneurial Learning

Presentations, when done right, will help you make a mark on your audience. They can help you attract potential clients, employees, and partners as well. Therefore, you should be aware of the importance of your presentations and strive to do your best.

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