A Great Website Design Is More Than Just Text

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November 13, 2016
Business StrategyYes, we give too much importance to text and while that is fine, you must not forget that a website “design” has many more elements than the text. Thus, while having your website developed and designed based on your new business ideas you must keep engagement in mind as well. If your text is great but the website isn’t attractive, no one will bother reading the text. That is the reason why experts are emphasizing that you check key factors such as your target audience, the images, and the locations that the eyes check first.

The first thing to keep in mind is your target audience. We are discussing this first because we have seen that many people are going wrong here, wrecking market expansion strategies as a result. Once you identify your target you must keep it in mind while having the website designed. A website designed for youngsters will be extremely different from a website designed for investment bankers. Know the difference and design the site accordingly. Checking out your competitorsnew business ideas here will also help you significantly. Alongside, you must ensure that the images you use on your site are of high quality, quick to load, relevant, and interesting. No one wants to look at boring websites that have no images. Images make things fun and spread the word faster. The images you use must be positive and probably witty so that the viewer remembers what he sees. Images cast an impression that is not likely to fade soon. Make sure that impression is positive.

Another very important to keep in mind during business marketing strategies and website design is the placement of important information. We all know that people barely have any attention span these days and you must know where their eyes wander when they first look at the website. If you can do justice to these areas on the website, you will hold their attention. Experts say that the eye wanders in an F pattern. That means that the viewers note the top of the website and the top left of the website. Ensure that these areas have important information or links. Shape all your new business ideas accordingly and your website will be commendable.

Do you have any more pointers about website designing to improve your marketing strategies for small business? Please let us know through your comments.

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Focus on the images, location of information, and the target audience when you design your website so that all focus is on your business. A number of new business ideas have failed online because the website was not good enough. Make sure you don’t repeat such mistakes.

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