A Complete Guide to Data Backup On All Devices

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November 23, 2016
Entrepreneurship IdeasThe shortest horror story in today’s times is only one sentence long: you lost all your data.

We live in technologically advanced times where data storage is extremely easy but so is losing the data and your great entrepreneurship ideas that you were soon going to implement. Sometimes, the hard drive crashes and at other times, you lose your device. Many people have slipped into anxiety and sadness when they lost their smartphone or laptop. The fact that their device got lost is not the reason. The fact that they lost contacts, documents, files, business plan, small business accounting, and personal information such as a plethora of pictures and videos is. Avoid such indescribable pain by taking adequate measures and backing up all your data.

Experts suggest that you go by the following four rules for data backup:

  1. As soon as you buy a new device, learn how to backup the data. Backup from time to time and keep track.
  2. Backing up automatically is also a popular and convenient option. If you go with automated backup you will not need to worry about remembering to backup your data regularly. However, the need to check whether everything is backing up smoothly will always be there.
  3. It is always advisable to backup important data in three different places. This might seem like a bit of an overreaction but there are chances of your backup failing and there are chances of your backup’s backup also failing. Hence, a three-fold system makes a lot of sense.
  4. Always buy an external hard drive with a lot of capacity especially if it is going to be a part of your business startup tool kit. Losing your business strategy just because you didn’t have the presence of mind to buy the right hard drive can be devastating.
Backup Options
  1. If you have a Personal Computer (Windows): You have two options. You can use a cloud-based service to store your entrepreneurship ideas and other information or you may use an external hard drive. A cloud-based service may not be able to backup all your data, which is why a hard drive is a good idea.
  2. If you have a Macintosh (Mac): Mac computers and laptops come with Time Machine, which makes it easy for you to backup your data. You just need to set it up and it will backup your data into the external hard drive automatically from next time. Using Time Machine is quite easy. While buying the hard drive, though, you should be sure that it supports Mac devices and also that it has twice the capacity of your internal hard drive. Of course, there are cloud options as well.
  3. If you have an Android smartphone: For Samsung users there is Samsung Kies, which will help you backup your data. You will have to install this program first and then backup. Other Android devices also have similar backup options. Make sure you check the backup options as soon as you buy the device and do the needful immediately.
  4. If you have an iOS smartphone: Start off by setting up iTunes and then use iCloud to backup your data. Also, make it a point to backup your data regularly.

Have you ever lived the horror of losing yourentrepreneurship ideas and other important data? Share your experiences with us through Comments.

Entrepreneurial Learning

Not taking adequate measures to backup your data is probably the silliest thing you could ever do. This is because losing data is always a possibility and if you lose important accounting information, strategies, and other such details, your SME will in trouble.

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