5 Tips To Sales Message Success

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November 19, 2016
New business ideasNo matter how excellent your new business ideas are, they will be of no use if you can’t rope in customers. Convincing potential customers through meets and phone calls can only take you so far in this world riddled with technology. Today is the need to write messages. This is why sales messages have a lot of importance.

Sales writing has to be a part of your business plan because it is vital and will come handy numerous times through your entrepreneurial journey. Thus, while creating your business strategy you must ensure that you come up with excellent sales messages as well. This may seem quite simple but you’ll be surprised at how many people actually go wrong here. A great message can get you clients while a bad one can rip you of customers who were already interested! That is the reason why you should be careful.

Whether you are a writer or not, the following tips will help you with this:

Make It Conversational

Do not keep it formal. The sales message must be conversational. It must feel like you are talking to the customer through your message. A very formal message will not be able to connect with your customers and no matter how good it is, it will fail. The best thing to do to be sure is to read the message once you write it and think whether this is how you talk. If not, you need to edit/re-write.

Keep It Simple

No one will understand fancy words. You may think using technical terms while expressing new business ideas will make you seem well versed but that is not the case. Magniloquent words won’t do you any good because the reader won’t even understand what you are trying to say. What is the use then? Keep it simple and eliminate complicated terminology as much as possible.

Do Away With Promises

A promise is of absolutely no relevance to a new/potential customer because he does not trust you yet. A promise will do the trick only when your customer already trusts you, which comes at a later stage of small business management. Thus, there is no point in making promises. Instead, you should focus on facts. You should show that what you have done so that they know the truth. Promises will actually make them frown!

State the Truth

Continuing from the previous point, we’d like to add that you must never lie. A sales message must always contain nothing but the truth and pure facts. Lies will not last, please keep in mind. Even a “small” lie can (and will) do a lot of damage.

Keep it Precise

Sales messages show not run for pages. They must be crisp and to-the-point. The fewer words you use to express your new business ideas, the better.

Any more business planning and sales message points that you’d like to add to this list? Please feel free to share in the comments section.

Entrepreneurial Learning

Unless you get the sales message right, your business will not be able expand because you won’t be able to win customers. As a general rule, make sure your sales messages are precise, simple, honest, and conversational.

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