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Neuro Marketing Strategies You Never Knew Existed

Marketing has taken various forms and avatars, but among marketing techniques, the subtle and some of the more effective techniques is Neuro marketing. This type of marketing makes use of psychological processes and takes advantage of the vast blind spot that exists beyond our consciousness and awareness. This type of marketing leverages our psychological phenomenon to advantage in a very subliminal manner to lead to to certain buying decisions. Here’s how anyone can leverage these strategies.

Giving reasons and solutions

What we need to understand is that our brains love answers. When someone gives an explanation or a solution we are more prone to accept them. In the instance of solving crosswords, we experience a ‘eureka moment when we deduce an answer and also on a lesser scale when we are given answers and solutions. This happens because our brain is satisfied with the neurological and intellectual hunger for solutions and from that comes compliance. Compliance shoots up extraordinarily if right solution are given.

Color, smell and sound

In many supermarkets, you’ll find the florist and bakery located by the entrance and checkout, along with walls of impeccably stacked candy and chip packets. The smells and colors are a sensory overload, releasing endorphins and a state of pleasure that results in more purchases. Low tempo music will cause shoppers to move slower and purchase more. Classical music has been linked with increased sales in wine stores and restaurants. Pleasant music played while you’re placed on hold keeps callers on the line longer. Logic and reason can easily be overwhelmed by our senses. A simple shopping list is great advice from your spouse for many reasons, one of which being a great tool for breaking through these subtle influences.

The paradox created by choices

The marketplace floods us with options. The majority of customers actually revel in it. But from the sellers point of view they are better off if they offer fewer choices. It has been noticed that only 3 percent of shoppers make purchases if given more than 24 choices, while 30% made purchases when offered with 6 varieties. The same is also true, with mutual funds when 50 types of are offered versus five. When presented with a wide choice, the mental process required to assess and make decisions goes onto over load and a decision paralysis occurs. By narrowing down the options to three, the conversion to sales is much faster and more sure.

Loss aversion

The effort we make to save 100 shillings is more than the effort we make to gain 100 shillings. This is because people are generally averse to loss anda person’s reaction to loss is twice as intense as one’s joy to gain. The most savvy marketers usually address and focus on what the customers stand to lose if they do not purchase and not just on what they stand to gain. Experts on productivity use this principle of loss aversion when they are encouraging people to place money on a product or a service.

The principle of scarcity

If you advertise for something that is a limited edition only, the sales seem to spurt for that product. In the case of airlines, when they advertise that there are only ‘ three seats left’, the there are three times the number of people wanting to buy them. According to psychologist this is the ‘temporary shrunken world” syndrome” which cause our perceptions and decisions to change. When we need something strongly, we are prone to falling into a “shrunken world” and making irrational decisions. Advertisers take advantage of this weakness and play upon it to increase their sales. When options are scarce, what’s available become more attractive and attractive.

Entrepreneurial Learning

There are these and many more ways of using subtle psychology to promote products and get people to buy them. Marketing experts know the power of these techniques and use them for their benefit to increase sales, and draw customers towards them without blatantly drawing their attention.

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