We have compiled a list of Top 25 Supply chains of 2013 based on analysis & research compiled by Gartner analysts Debra Hofman, Stan Aronow and Kimberly Nilles.

These companies are rated on the basis of analyst’s opinion, the opinions of peers, a review of three year return on assets, inventory turns and a three year analysis of growth in revenue. It is more of a popularity list but its gives us a good idea of what makes a supply chain leader. It also offers us an insight into the supply chain best management practices that are being implemented in these companies

Apple: Apple ranks first not just for its industry-leading tech gadgets but for its astonishing proficiency at inventory turns.

Amazon: Amazon attributes the fulfillment operations of its distribution centers as key areas of focus of its supply chain.

Mc Donalds: Fast food giant lives by the philosophy of never having a stockout, which accounts for its having the best inventory turn.

Unilever: The push to improve its visibility throughout its far flung supply chain is part of Unilever’s emphasis on sustainable growth.

Intel: The company has spent billions on production output and continues to remain relevant in the high tech market.

Procter & Gamble: Developed specific supply chain strategies for the markets it operates and uses management control towers across its network.

Cisco: Uses its supply chain management best practices to such effect that it even has its own Supply Chain Leadership Institute.

Samsung: An ability to coordinate supply chain planning weekly, coupled with product diversification strategy, has made it a leader .

Coca Cola: Focusing on developing its supply chain talent base coke is partnering with universities on programs in network design and negotiating.

Colgate – Palmolive : Its sales and operations planning is one of this consumer packaged goods manufacturer’s supply chain strengths.

Dell: Dell has retained its reputation as a supply chain leader thanks in large part to its inventory turn rate.

Inditex: Vertical integration enables the company to be able go to market with new products in mere weeks, rather than several months.

Johnson & Johnson: J&J excels in coordinating procurement, logistics, risk management and sustainability.

Walmart: A dominant force in SCM, thanks to its continuing efforts to drive down costs in every facet of the business.

Nike: When it comes to supply chain management, Nike does it well, particularly while dealing and collaborating with its contract manufacturers.

Starbucks: Starting at store level and moving back across the supply chain, Starbucks integrates product development with its supply chain.

PepsiCo: PepsiCo relies on its route-to-market capabilities and its ability to stay close both to its retail customers and end consumers.

H&M: It is a darling of the global sustainability crowd due to its efforts to increase transparency to its apparel suppliers.

Caterpillar: Caterpillar has built a reputation for supply chain excellence in its pursuit of global flexibility and scale.

3M: Measuring new product vitality index impact on sales, while focusing on supply chain network, reduces shipping costs and cycle times.

Lenovo Group: Lenovo’s supply chain management leadership derives from its efforts to improve perfect order fulfillment.

Nestle: Well regarded for its lean supply chain initiative, the company is expanding into new markets, while focusing on delivery optimization.

Ford Motor: A better idea for supply chain management relies on branding, product platform consolidation and quality with 15:1 inventory turns.

Cummins: Prominent for its ability to collaborate with customers as they deal with the government’s regulations.

Qualcomm: A reputation for operations planning proficiency in dealing with its rising sales volumes in the mobile device market.

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