Every few years, we get to hear of this great technology that promises to revolutionize the way we do things or the way we live our lives. The gradual phase-out of technology has always been there since time immemorial. 

A long time ago, during the dawn of the era, man started using his brain with the experiences he had with his environment and created devices to make his work easier. One of the most well-known gadget is, for example, the pendulum clock which is a time machine that uses a pendulum, with a swinging weight, as its time-keeping element. The advantage of a pendulum for time-keeping is that it has an oscillator which swings back and forth in precise time intervals that is dependent on its length. The motion of the pendulum causes the clock to turn gears and other clock work elements, thus making it to form time intervals.

Then came record players with large plastic discs that were used to record music on and in the early 60’s they were then considered the height of technological advancement. But just like other technologies, their extinction was inevitable. We now have Blu Ray DVD, which is a fraction of the physical size of those records, but where memory size is concerned, it can accommodate more than 1000 of the same records combined together. While the size of a record is about 50MB, a Blu Ray DVD contains 25GB per layer, with dual layer discs (50GB) – and that is the industry standard. Triple layer discs which go up to 100GB and quadruple layers which can hold an amazing128 GB are also available.

Over the years, we have also see other technologies which just like the above-mentioned Record player, were the tip of the ice berg, in terms of innovation and scientific advancement. One of these was the analogue phone which was once the height of technological superiority, and this eased communication tremendously. Before the arrival of the analogue phone, the available means of communication was either through telegraph or by physical mail through post. We have since come a long way from those days and now we have gadgets like the cell phone or the video phone.

The Cell phone or the mobile phone, is a communication gadget that came and revolutionized the way we communicated. The cellphone has come a long way, where we see a combination of different aspects of technologies incorporated into one. The cellphone, apart from the computer, is one of the technologies that has evolved drastically over the years. Since its inception, it has moved from being just a communication gadget, to being a device where you can practically do anything from planning your calender, playing music, watching a movie, or catching up on the latest news updates. The possibilities are endless, incredibly endless.

No particular technology is immortal, and all technologies eventually have to become obsolete. In today’s world we feel that we have the most modern and impressive technological advancement, with a number of gadgets and devices and it would seem like there is nothing more we can come up with. But just as the older technology becomes obsolete and vanishes, a newer and a greater one pops up to replace it.

Man’s brain and mind are invincible and as long they are invincible newer and newer technologies keep popping up.

Entrepreneurial Learning

The author says that no particular technology is immortal, and all technologies eventually have to become obsolete. In today’s world we feel that we have the most modern and impressive technological advancement, with a number of gadgets and devices and it would seem like there is nothing more we can come up with. But just as the older technology becomes obsolete and vanishes, a newer and a greater one pops up to replace it.

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